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NEW BOOK From Lilly Walters & McGraw-Hill:
1,001 Ways to Make More Money as a Speaker, Consultant or Trainer: Plus 300 Rainmaking Strategies for Dry Times

Lilly Walters is the author of five of the best-selling books about the professional speaking industry, such as, "Speak and Grow Rich," "1,001 Ways to Make More Money as a Speaker, Consultant or Trainer: Plus 300 Rainmaking Strategies for Dry Times," and many more. For over 20 years a LEADING RESOURCE helping Corporate and Association Meeting Planners find the PERFECT speakers and entertainers for their events. Former leading executive of the speakers bureau owned by Dottie Walters. Today she owns and runs Amazing Motivational Keynote Speakers and helps speakers and seminar leaders find ways to increase their bookings

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Introduction to 1,001 Ways to Make More Money as a Speaker, Consultant or Trainer: Plus 300 Rainmaking Strategies for Dry Times

I, and others, like to claim we give you thousands of great ideas in our books. This book proves the case!
Throughout our lives, we hear millions of ideas. Some we grab onto, hold in our minds, they drive us forward. These are those great “keepers!” In my position as a speakers bureau executive, an author, a seminar leader and a speaker, I have the privilege of working with thousands of great speakers, trainers and consultants. They have freely shared their great keeper ideas in the many surveys and books I have written. This book takes the best of those ideas, sorts them, and lists them out, one at time! Like this …

1. Most paid professional experts go through a stage of insanity when they try to be all things to all potential income sources. As you go through the hundreds of income generating ideas in this book, avoid the insanity by focusing on only those for which you can create the right fit to your abilities, and your expertise.
2. More important, seize those ideas that grab you with a feeling of excitement! Those are the ideas for which you will add the most important aspect of all in making any idea work – DRIVE.
In this book, each of the ideas has the potential to be the BEST income generating idea you have ever used. Each idea has been tried by some and found to be fantastic! WARNING: it has also been tried by others and found to be a miserable waste of time!
Why? Because the idea inspired some. The gave it energy needed to turn it from word on paper, to an income generating genius.. I include as many as possible here in the hopes that you will find the magic hundred or so which will inspire you and give you direction in increasing your income.

Where Did I Find 1001 Ways Speakers, Consultants and Trainers Can Boost Their Income?
I have been employed by this industry since 1985, and have gathered many tips, and made plenty of mistakes as I went along. Also, I have gathered every good idea from all of my previous books and my Speaking Industry Reports. These Reports are created from my surveys of thousands in our profession.

ÿ 6500 professional speakers, trainers, humorists, or seminar leaders who are currently making AT LEAST $1000 per engagement, and who do at least 40 presentations a year at those fees. The majority of those responding to the survey are in a much higher fee range, but these were the minimum requirements.
ÿ 400 meeting planners who plan for one small company meeting to those planning 100’s of events per year;
ÿ 300 speakers bureaus that book speakers at all levels, from the $1000 to $100,000 range.

Do You Know Enough to Read This Book?
This book assume you have already at least made an entry into the world of speaking, consulting and training. If you find yourself reading the 1001 Ways I have for you here, and going, “HUH?”, then you nee to read Speak and Grow Rich (Prentice-Hall Simon Schuster).
Some of the ideas in this book are going to seem just too basic for you. Beware!

3. Unless you are making $500,000 a year and are happy with the amount of your income (and if you are, why did you buy this book?), then you especially need to rethink those basics of marketing and boosting your income.

Are There Really 1001 Ways In This Book With Which You Can Boost Your Income? Duplicates!?
So, when you are looking at ways to profit from your writing skills, I mention e-zines. Again, when we talk about ways to use your website, I tell you to allow a way for people to subscribe right at site to your e-zine. Same method, different application.
You will see many times I repeat that you need to listen to what your customer is telling you. Listen when they say __________. I mention this when speaking directly to clients, when talking to speakers bureaus, when working with an audience. Several times, and in several contexts, I tell you to look at ways to pull business from those sitting in your audience.
I do not want you looking through the entire book when you want ideas on a specific subject.

4. Yes! There are duplicates. Take these as a sign that I feel that idea is very important, and well worth repeating. If you want something remembered in a presentation, plan on repeating it at least six times.

Wait! Are there really 1001 Ways in this book?

In fact, there are …
well, wait until you read the last idea.

Income Sources as a Speaker, Trainer or Consultant

Let Us Count the Ways Experts Generate Income
Every beginning speaker, trainer, and seminar leader at first assumes the majority of their income should come from the “engagement.” Actually the industry average is that only 53% of your income will come from speaking engagements.
There are many avenues of opportunity available from which experts can earn income through their knowledge.
5. Often, just by repackaging an old service you already offer, like changing your “on-line training,” to a “24 hot line of information,” or calling a “Self-Study Program,” “Just In Time Training,” can open a whole new income stream up for you

Ramon Williamson, a speaker, told me, “I get booked over and over now because of the value I give outside the speech. For example I'll sell a keynote for $5,000. I give a cassette for pre-work and do a follow-up tele-coaching call for the entire team. I usually get a least 6-10 private coaching clients out of the deal at $500 per month and I get invited back for refreshers at least twice in the same year. I earn an $10,000 more in speaking fees and $20 to 30,000 for the coaching over the course of a year.”
That is the type of mindset this book is going to help you create.

This chapter will outline only SOME of the categories for which you can work on as delivery method for your help and expertise to the marketplace.
6. As technology changes and your experience grows, we can arguable say the list of categories to boost your income is endless! As you read each idea I have here for you, write down the many more which will come as one idea inspires another.

Having a few, or all of the categories available to your customers in this chapter will generate NO INCOME, unless you …
7. Become an expert in subjects the market is asking for
8. ASK for business! “Ask and you shall receive!”
9. Find ways to show your customers that you offer multiple ways to teach and help solve their challenges: each of these will be an income source.
10. Create a Menu of Services, often called a Fee Schedule. Throughout this book will be MANY ideas. So you go through, add the ones which you see as a match for your areas of expertise onto the Menu of what you offer. People will never buy, if they do not know what you sell, and the many ways you can help them learn.

Book Intro  |   Book Contents   | Purchase

Table Of Contents


Where Did I Find 1001 Ways Speakers, Consultants and Trainers Can Boost Their Income?

Do You Know Enough to Read This Book?

Are There Really 1001 Ways In This Book With Which You Can Boost Your Income? Duplicates!?


Income Sources as a Speaker, Trainer or Consultant

Let Us Count the Ways Experts Generate Income
Authoring and Other Products
Public Seminars
Expert Witness Reports
Infomercial Host
Keynote Speeches
Breakouts and Concurrent Sessions
Master of Ceremonies
Panel Moderator
Panel Participant
Game Show Host For Meeting Events
Partner (Spouse) Programs
Youth Programs
Pre or Post Programs
Pre or Post Tours
Programs About the Locale
Add-on Event Ideas: Pictures
In-House Seminars and Workshops
Moderator or Facilitator
Work for a Consulting Firm
One on One Executive Trainer
Conference Calls
Create a “hot-line” Service
After Hours Tutor
Company Training Films and Video
Seminars to Promote A Client
Hire Yourself! Public Seminars and Events
Filling the Seats!
Phone Seminars
Working With Public Seminar Producers
Share The Gate
Adventures, Seminars at Sea, and Resorts
Continuing Education Marketplace
Virtual Seminars: Correspondence School to Net Classrooms
Free Speaking - Profiting From “Non-Fee” Presentations
Benefits of Non-Free Presentations
Ways To Find Paying Customers in Your No-Fee Talks
Service Clubs
More Ways To Give It Away – And Profit!
Where, Why and How Buyers Will Buy You!
Where Do You Find Buyers?
How To Penetrate Large Companies
Why Buyers Like, Buy, and Dislike You!
Agents, Speakers Bureaus & Middlemen
Bureaus Dislike You Because …
Brokers Are IMPRESSED When You Try to "Sell" Them Because …
Stand Out In The Crowd With Speakers Bureaus
What You Need to Know
Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Get Back To Basics
Associate With and Study Successful Experts In Your Industry
Hire A Coach or Mentor
What Makes the Greatest Presenters?
Basics of Rainmaking!
“The” Expert & Leading Authority: The Highest Paid of All!
Become A Celebrity In A Small Pond - Branding
Search In Every Niche and Cranny
Does Anyone Like You? Sidelong Looks
Ways That Work, While You’re Out Working
More and More Income Increasing Tips & Strategies
Just Smart Business
Promotional Strategies
Raving Fans Relationships: One On One Marketing
Ways to Keep Your Name Current
Promotional Systems & Ideas
Cultivating Sales, Repeats, Spins Offs, and Referrals!
Getting Booked a Second Time
Ask For Referrals
Creating New Engagements From the Present One
Rewards & Gifts for Refer-ers!
Keep In Touch Marketing Strategies
Sharing And Networking to Gain Referrals
Sales and Negotiating Skills
Becoming Famous! Articles, Newsletters, Magazines, and the Press
Where to Find Media Contacts
Get The Media To Use Your Material
How To Get The Press To Notice You
Publicity Releases That Get Results
Get Your Articles Out Into the World!
Tips for Radio Interviews
When They Say No
Road Warriors: Brainy Business and Balance
Schedules - Are You Available?
What To Do If You’re Already Booked
Misc. Ideas to Create Income While On The Road
Staff! Alternatives To The Traditional Office Staff
Balancing Your Career and Family
Procrastination and Organization
Time Savers
Triple Your Income with Products!
Tips To Create Products Which Generate Income
What Can You Sell? Profitable Products and Materials
Profit From Handouts, Workbooks and Customization
Ways To Sell More Products
Ways to Sell Your Products - Affiliate On-Line Programs
Tools of the Trade for Speakers, Trainers & Consultants
The Presentation: Your Best Marketing Tool
Topics & Titles That Sell
Designing Marketing Tools To Boost Your Income
What Goes In Great Promotional Packages
More Great Ideas For Your Promotional Kits
How Do You Keep From Giving Up?
Persistence and Tenacity
Life After Speaking, Consulting and Training? What's the next step?
Future of the World of Professional Training, Speaking and Consulting World.
Hold This In Your Heart
Bonus! Checklist To Be the Best Professional They Ever Hired
If Not You, Who?
Long Before You Arrive
Delayed Travel
After You Arrive (Well Before The Presentation)
As The Audience Begins To Come In
Ten Minutes Before You Go On
When You Step Up To The Lectern
During The Presentation
Right After The Presentation
After You Go Home
How to recognize a suspicious parcel
Suspicious Package Or Letter Characteristics
Glossary of Speaking Terms

Book Intro  |   Book Contents   | Purchase

Who is Lilly Walters?

Lilly Walters is a best selling author, a business executive, and a professional speaker, and a consultant to speakers and buyers of speakers.

For 15 years she was the Executive Director of the speakers bureau owned by Dottie Walters , a professional lecture agency with 30,000 presenters, from world famous celebrities to interesting and entertaining business speakers. Lilly sends these speakers all over the world to such companies as Arco, Shell Oil, Lockheed, Litton, IBM, McDonnell Douglas, AT & T and IBM.

As a professional speaker and seminar leader, Lilly has presented to audiences from Africa to Australia. As a private speech consultant to executives, professional trainers and speakers, she has worked with international business heads.

Lilly is well known in local theatre for her musical and acting abilities and is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows.

She is featured in the mega best seller, Chicken Soup for the Soul, 2nd. Helpings regarding her story of overcoming an accident that took 1/2 of her hand.

From that situation, she wrote the bestselling typing one handed manual for those who lost the use of a hand:

She is married to Martin Schermerhorn , of Truth or Lie Polygraph Lie Examination Agency ,

She is a faux decorative painting artist, specializing in Cobblestone Cottages

Lilly Walters has authored (and currently in print):

  • "Chicken Soup for the Soul®" (featured author in the books and videos)
  • McGraw Hill book: Secrets of Superstar Speakers: Inside the Soup of Influence and Inspiration. How those experts of influence and inspiration work their magic
  • "What to Say When You're Dyin' On the Platform!" (McGraw Hill, Feb. 1995) - The Speakers Complete Source Book for Speakers, Trainers and Executives
  • "Secrets of Successful Speakers - How You Can Motivate, Captivate and Persuade" (McGraw Hill, 1993). Foreword by Norman Vincent Peale. Chosen as a major selection by Fortune Book Club, and a selection of Book-of-the-Month Club and Business Week Book Club.
  • "Speak and Grow Rich" (Prentice-Hall Simon Schuster, second edition 1996, first edition, 1988, ) - Book by Lilly and Dottie Walters, considered the Handbook of the Professional Speaking Business.
  • "101 Simple Things to Grow Your Business and Yourself: Easy Ideas to Improve Sales, Productivity and Service!" (Crisp Publishers, April, 1995.) Paperback book, quick ideas, with lighthearted cartoons and wit.
  • "Games Presenters Play" (Dottie Walters' company, 1992) - 2 hour video training program on audience involvement devices.
  • "Persuasive Platform Presentations" (Dottie Walters' company, 1989) - 4 1/2 hour audio program with a 70 page workbook, recorded live in Africa
  • "How to Enter the Word of Paid Speaking" (Dottie Walters' company, 1987) - audio album. Co-author, with Dottie Walters.

In memory of Cowboy Bob Walters

Best-Selling Books by Dottie and Lilly Walters on professional public speaking

Best Selling Books on Speaking

Newsenews for Professional Public Speakers, Seminar Leaders, Trainers, and Speakers Bureaus - Motivational Keynote Speakers - Lecturers, News, Resources, LOCATE PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC MOTIVATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKERS, TRAINERS, SEMINAR LEADERS, CONSULTANTS and TRAINING SOLUTIONS

Lilly Walters - has for over 20 years THE LEADING RESOURCE helped Corporate and Association Meeting Planners find PERFECT speakers and entertainers for their events: motivational, business leadership and management experts, keynote, celebrities, corporate entertainment, humorous, diversity, political, authors, consulting and training solutions, sport athletes and much more.

Lilly Walters is the author of five of the best-selling books about the professional speaking industry, including the bestseller she wrote for Dottie Walters, "Speak and Grow Rich"